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Scenic Tours and Rentals would be happy to help you experience The Great Smoky Mountains.

Collectively, we have many years of knowedge and experience and a dedicated Staff.

Scenic Tours and Rentals stand for one thing above all else:  HIGH QUALITY SERVICE!

Scenic Tours and Rentals

Better than just another Rental Car or Lodge Rental Company…

Be Your Own Guide...

Scenic Tours and Rentals is located in the Heart of Maggie Valley, North Carolina.  The PERFECT location to take off on your adventure into The Great Smoky Mountains.  Our UTVs are street legal and are allowed on roads in The Great Smoky Mountains.

The Great Smoky Mountains and surrounding areas are home to a diverse range of wildlife such as Elk, Black Bear, White-Tailed Deer, Birds, Synchronous Fireflies, Squirrels, Coyotes, and much more!

Ask one of our Staff to help Plan Your Adventure in The Great Smoky Mountains on a Guided or Self-Guided Tour OR assist you with a vehicle or lodge rental.

We are here to make Your Visit Memorable!

Experience the Area with Our Self-Guided Tours...


Scenic Tours and Rentals...

You can Charter an Adventure for Family and Friends in our Beautiful and Unique Wilderness Setting.  Scenic Tours and Rentals will provide you and your Family and Friends with a unique opportunity to develop life-time memories.

Scenic Tours and Rentals provides affordable Adventures in the magical wilderness of The Great Smoky Mountains.

Scenic Tours and Rentals will help YOU Plan Your Adventure for an experience that will be cherished for generations to come!

This region is the largest unfragmented and unspoiled wilderness area in the Eastern United States.  We are home to the most diverse and numerous plant and animal life in the country.  Plan Your Adventure with Scenic Tours and Rentals

Be Your Own Guide...

We will help you expereince the Beauty of the area while you drive our UTV, Jeep, or Slingshot into The Great Smoky Mountains Back-Country on gravel or dirt wilderness trails and roads…

No Crowds...

No Lines...

No Stress...


Unique, Personal, Self-Guided...

iPad Powered Interactive Tours

Scenic Tours and Rentals has developed unique self-guided tours that offer you ALL the freedom of a rental with the convenience of a Tour! All of our UTVs, Slingshots, and Jeeps are now equipped with iPad-Powered, interactive Tour Guides.

The Great Smoky Mountains

Offers the Perfect Friends and Family Outdoor Vacation with World-Famous history sites, spectacular scenery and unique charm. Maggie Valley is your Gateway to The Great Smoky Mountains.

One-Part Tour and One-Part Rental

It's the Best of Both Worlds and it allows you to experience the area at your leisure for photos, sight-seeing, picnics, etc. Visit the Sites that interest you or skip those that do not.

You are in Control

Of the Interior Temperature, Speaker Volume, Length of Stops, and even the Tour Narration you receive. Scenic Tours and Rentals provides you with the information you will need for a memorable day in The Great Smoky Mountains .

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